Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just finished Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 was an amazing game. I couldn't play it when it came out for a few reasons but I'm glad I came around to playing it.

My first playthrough was with Zer0. I loved this guys skill set. It was either hit from far away or whack everything with a sword. I maxed out his bloodshed tree which allows me to continuously kill in deception repeatedly.  My friend played as axton. I did not want to finish the game alone so I seriously did not play unless we were split screening. And it was one hell of a fun ride.

Well before I get into what I loved about the game, I'll say this. F**K GRAPHICS! I like how it plays, feels and sounds. While I do think the graphics for this game suits it very well, I didn't really care much about that. The gameplay is fun, though can get tedious. I hate running around the world map but I got used to it after the fifth time I got attacked by skaggs(which happens a lot). The amount of funny sounds, dialogue, random moments are enough to keep you laughing for the whole play through.

The story was.... not very immersive. You're actually just the guy doing the dirty work for everyone else, but it's pretty cool to see things happen around you. You'll see that there is no hero in borderlands, no villains either. Everyone is just a victim of the madness in pandora.

Handsome jack was an amazing antagonist. You'll learn to love the guy. But the story will make you say "HOLY S**T I gotta kill this guy!" He's charismatic, arrogant, cunning and a very influencial man. I won't spoil anything in the main story, but he's done things there that are more than just atrocious. Yet in the end, he actually believe he's doing right thing. Even up to his dying moments, he believes he's the hero. VILLAIN OF THE YEAR!

The four original vault hunters in the first game return as NPCs. They're given much more personality. Roland is portrayed as a bit of a boy scout, Lilith is portrayed as a bit of an adrenaline fueled chick who's inlove with roland(though it's only shown when they're talking or in her echoes), Brick is a bit of an overly brawny muscle head who loves to kill things(this roland kicking him out of sanctuary and him becoming the leader of a bandit group), Mordecai has become alcoholic due to moxxy leaving him (though he'll be given even more reasons for his alcoholism later on in the story.) They're all portrayed how you would see them years later after the first vault was opened.

The rest of the NPCs are hilarious, sad, amusing, pitiful or plain badass. My personal favorite is shooty mcface. Though.... He dies on the mission he gives you(think of why). Moxxi, Zed and Marcus all return playing a part in the story. Claptrap plays a big in the beginning and end of the campaign, it's hilarious how it turns out. A plethora npcs are just waiting to be found, amuse you, and will probably try to kill you. That's the charm of pandora though. If it doesn't kill you, it'll be your bestfriend .

Oh and incase I didn't make things clear. THIS GAME IS TONS MORE FUN TO PLAY WITH FRIENDS! It gets things done quicker, funnier, more/less efficient and generally BETTER IN EVERY WAY! Even with just two people, the insanely funny moments are just too many to count. Ever been beaten to death by a badass psycho? well it's much funnier if one of you is crawling on the gound, shooting it's ass as the other runs around in circles for you to get a second wind!

I'm definitely playing this game again with four other people. I've already got gaige the mechromancer, now I'm savin up for KRIEG THE MOTHERF**KING PSYCHO BANDIT! I'm just sure I'll love that guy.

Hope my little post inspired you to play this badass game. PLAY IT! BUY IT NOW! I DON'T CARE HOW YOU DO IT! JUST PLAY IT!

Friday, March 29, 2013

What I think of 'professional' video game critiques.

I love video games. And when I say that, I mean 40% of my life is used up on playing Video games! Then the remaining time goes to my normal human activities. I'll play anything that either feels good to play or has a good story. Graphics are BARELY a problem or even a requirement for me. I can play games with pacman style graphics if the story or gameplay is good.

But one thing I don't like is how critiques will bash, nitpick and give DECENT games horrible reviews. I mean, I've had my fair share of bad games but I always say to my self 'Somewhere, somehow, someone will enjoy this.' After I put down my controller/psp/ds/whatever. I don't tell my friends not to play it though. I just say ' I didn't like it but if it's your style, go play it.' Hell, even if I hate the call of duty games I still tell them to buy it if they really like it!

I mean, not all hack'n'slashes and beat em ups are god of war clones! Not every shooter is a call of duty rip off! Fighting games are supposed to be repetetive! get in a motherfucking fight, let's see how repetitive it gets. If you actually pay attention to the stories in Rpg's you might actually cry! I just see people nitpicking at the minor things then don't even look at the good parts. SURE some games are horrible, but like I said, some where! Somehow! SOMEONE is going to enjoy this.

That's it. I'm gonna go punch a cow or something.

Monday, March 25, 2013


This is a continuation of my previous post. These ones are in order of who  I like the most.

So here's the top 5 of my favorite Tokusatsu characters of all time.

5. Kamen Rider Kuuga
Kuuga is amazing. His forms are great, his civilian character is great  and his reasons for fighting are heart warming. His character development in the series wasn't very big as he was already pretty much a good guy but his resolve towards being the good guy was what made him very likable. The fight with Daguva though not flashy, was extremely intense and emotional. I even thought he died at the end with Daguva.  Over all he made me laugh, he made me cry for many reasons. He deserves this spot in my heart, though if a few newer riders didn't show up he would be number 1.

4. Kamen Rider Joker
JOKER! God I loved kamen rider joker. Not that W is bad but I just like him way better than W. Shotaro by himself is a pretty solid character. He was arrogant and over confident but when pushed, could prove that he wasn't all talk. He's also like a big brother to Philip(BROTHER!) and pretty much every younger character in the show. He handled things calmly, atleast until akiko or someone else tries to butt into him. His powers as kamen rider Joker are basic but great. It reminds me of the oldschool showa riders. Though I haven't finish any of them.

3. Kamen rider Den-O/ Momotaros
When I got back into watching toku, Den-o was one of the first series I've watched and finished. Each character was unique and amusing to watch but none of them was as good as momotaros~.
He's the acting leader of the four(five with seig?). He's not the smartest but he's the most passionate of them.... well maybe next to kintaros. His form is also very cool, that and his finishing move(moves?). His relationship with the taros and ryutaro always makes me smile. I also loved that he's the Den-o representative when it comes to anniversary movies. Den-o was pretty solid, but if it didn't have momo, it wouldn't feel the same to me.

2. Kamen Rider Skull
Skull holds a special place in my heart cause of how he was shown in them movie. As you may know, a lot of characters on this list are influenced by my memories of my late dad. Well skull never fails to make me tear up a bit every time I watch his phone scene with his daughter. Other than that, skull is just plain bad ass!I mean, look at him! He's the first rider to not only have a scarf, but a freakin soft fedora too! His fighting style is very stylish and it reminds me of a lot of showa riders, considering he'd probably be fighting beside black at the time if they shared a world.

1.Kamen Rider OOO
Both Eiji and the past infinity king are my top favorite toku characters. Their concept of powers and how they are able to use their powers are amazing. The infinity king was the very epitome of desire and Eiji on the other hand was an almost void of desire. Their forms are also amazing, each on having it's own strenghts and weaknesses. Eiji was a very inspiring character for me and I look up to him to this very day. But what really won me over to him was his putotyra and Tajador forms. I just love how beautiful they look side by side or even against each other. It'd take me more than two posts to say how much I love this rider so I'll stop.

So that's it,my top 5 favorite Tokusatsu Characters of all time.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

First post!!! Two years back to toku : My top 15 tokusatsu charactes (15-6)

When I was a kid my dad would always watch reruns of jetman, kamen rider black and mighty morphin with me. It was a thing I enjoyed and cherished especially after his death last year. Even now certain toku scenes make me cry at the memories of good times.

I recently went back to watching toku after seeing a gaia memory in a toy store. And as I look back now, it was a really fun ride watching toku again. So I made a list of the top toku characters.

P.S. Sorry for not adding much metal hero. I haven't watched enough to put it on my list. I'm liking what I see so far though. Especially Gavan.

15-6 is just a list of those who I like after my top 5. Top 5-1 will be the ranked ones.

I'll try to make this as spoiler free as I can.

So enjoy my list of top toku characters.

15. Kamen rider Ouja/Takeshi  Asakura
Watching ryukia when  I was 7, Asakura scared the shit out of me. Ouja was an excellent  villain for me at the time. He was pure evil and every moment with him was terrifying when I was a kid. As I grew older, my ideal villain has always been villains like him. Ruthless, arrogant and amusing. But in a way sad and pitiful. His desire and way of life turned my fear into wonder, amusement and even a small sense of admiration.

14. Otoya Kurenai/proto-Ixa/Dark kiva.
This guy was awesome. Sure he was a bit eccentric and arrogant. But when he wasn't playing around, he was very capable. Despite his character, Otoya had one of the more beautiful views of life in Kiva. He was unshakable when he had to fight and he wasn't the selfish prick people saw him as in the beginning. And I think he would have been a great father if he was alive during wataru's time. 

                                                    13.Kazuma Kenzaki/Blade
During my time in the province I was able to watch the english dub of Blade on cartoon network. Kenzaki easily grew to be one of my favorite riders. Especially during the ending. His will to fight for what he believes in, despite his gullibleness made me admire him a lot. Plus I really thought his king for was cool, even I thought it was spammed way too much. But the ending gave it a lot of reason so I was like 'WOAHHHHH!" when I watched it. It was kinda weird how ruthless he was when it came to fighting decade in the last episode though. I mean this was the guy who made a 3rd choice when forced to kill a rider.

                                                               12. Ahim De Famille/ Gokai pink
Okay first of all I think Ahim is adorable in every way possible. Now that that's out of the way I'll actually give a better reason for her on the list. She's different from the five core members of the group. She's hesitant when it comes to abandoning others when zangyack attacked and is the most 'human' member of the gokaigers. And her reason for being a space pirate was absolutely beautiful. To show the surviving people of her planet she was alive and fighting for them by becoming a wanted criminal in the zangyack empire, is just heart warming.

11. Gavan/Retsu Ichijou.
I haven't watched much metal heroes but I recently started watching Gavan. It's pretty good so far and I'm loving Retsu's character. His personality, beliefs and over all charisma are things that I really admire. The words Yoroshiku Yuuki has been stuck in my head since the gokaigers cross over too. Though I haven't watched enough to say how much I like him compared to everyone, but even now he's part of my favorites.

                                                     10. Black Condor/  Yuki Gai
As I said, I watched jetman with my oldman as a kid. I barely remeber much of it but I do remember two things clearly; Yellow owl flung giant rocks and black condor made me cry. At first I didn't remember why. While I watched gokaigers I found out something that disturbed me a bit. Black condor was dead as of jetman's ending. He was probably the most vibrant Ranger in my memory as memories of his drinking scenes were embed in my head. Despite that I loved the guy as a character. Yeah, I hated him at the start. But he grew on my like mold on soggy bread. Finding out he was dead years later finally explained why he fell asleep at the end of the series in my blurry memoies.(I was 5 years old!). And how my dad explained it to me at that age still made me cry.

9. Negataros/ Nega Den-o.
Despite what everyone was saying about the den-o films, Negataros was a pretty solid villain. He almost succeeded in his plans. If it wasn't for kiva cock-blocking him before he could kill den-o. Don't really know much about him cause he was barely given any history. He's still one of the best dark riders/ Kaijin I've seen.

8 . Basco Ta Jolokia
Basco was brilliant. He honestly had every reason to rebel against Akared. Despite what it looks like, he was lied to by Akared. His only mistake was thinking Marvelous was like Akared. He was charismatic, smart and was usually two steps ahead of the gokaigers. Even if he was a jerk for killing Sally, it only proved how far he was willing to go to get the greatest treasure in the universe.

7. Akibared/Nobuo Akagi
C'mon it takes a lot of balls to be that eccentric about what you love the most. Akagi is a true sentai fan. His hyperactive personality and obsession with sentai was a lot of fun and it never got old. He always found a way to be funny with out over using his sentaifanboy persona. He shouldn't try to be official anymore so we can get more episodes of Akibaranger.

6. Kamen rider Faiz/ Takumi Inui
Takumi is really cool in my eyes. He's a pretty good guy but people often don't see it cause he's always frowning all the time. He's just afraid of hurting people if they rely too much on him, which I understand  a lot.  It's hard to have people rely on you, harder when you're likely to disappoint them or not meet their expectations. Regardless of his fears, he fought as faiz when he had to. He shows that even if you don't have dreams, you can make something of yourself.


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